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Arm Testing Equipment
Arm Testing Equipment

Armrest Sideways Static Load Tester

Product Model : SL-T41
Skyline provides EN standards Armrest Sideways Static Load Tester
Detailed description

Armrest Sideways Static Load Tester


Apply an outward horizontal force to both arm rests simultaneously. Apply the forces to the edge of the arm

rest at the point along the arm rest most likely to cause failure but not less than 75 mm from the front or rear


With Alu.fram,PLC control. Easy and simple to operate.Precise sensor reaction the load force 
A pull load cylinder group
Sensor capacity: 1KN 
Cylinder: theoretical maximum output 900N 
Timing: 0 ~ 99 min can be set 
A strength to adjust: precision pressure regulating valve adjustment
Control: touch screen + PLC control Source: 6 KGF/cm ^ 2 clean stable air supply 
Power supply: 220 v, 50 hz 


EN1335-3-2009 7.2.5
EN 581-2  Safety of Outdoor Seating
EN 12520
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