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Din Abrasive Tester
Din Abrasive Tester
Din Abrasive Tester

SL-L03 Din Abrasive Tester

Product Model : SL-L03
Applied to test leather performance in shoes, clothing, luggage handbag industry, research laboratories; Commodity inspection, arbitration and technical supervision departments.
Detailed description

Din Abrasive Tester 


This machine is suitable for the wear resistance test of polyester soles, finished shoe soles and polymer sheet materials. When the wear wheel rotates, the sample is rubbed with sandpaper with a certain degree of sand to generate wear and tear, so as to evaluate its wear and tear. performance, with high performance. Features good reproducibility and ease of operation.

Standards Compliant:

GB/T9867,GB/T20991,GB/T26703,ENISO 20344,ISO4649,DIN53516

Technical parameters

 Roller diameter  Ф150mm
 Grinding stroke   40±0.2M
 Stroke setting  20m/40m preset
 Lateral displacement of the fixture:  4.20±0.04r/min
 Roller speed 40±1r/min
 Test mode autorotation/non-rotation preset
 Load  2.5±0.1N, 5±0.1N, 10±0.1N
 Sandpaper  60# original German factory
 Volume  95*66*31cm
 Weight  55kg
 Power supply AC220V50HZ

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