• Why should toys be tested for sharp edges?
  • 2023-1-31
  • Toys are very important to children because they can. ① Promote development: Toys can help children develop physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially. ② Enhance creativity: Toys can help ch...
  • What is the whiteness meter?
  • 2023-1-31
  • Whiteness meter, also known as brightness meter, whiteness tester, whiteness tester, etc, What is used to measure the blue whiteness of the surface of objects, and the measurement results are display...
  • Chinese New Year Holiday Notice
  • 2023-1-10
  • Holiday period: January 14 - January 29 During the Chinese New Year, employees are requested to arrange their work in advance, do their personal protection, wear masks scientifically, travel civil...
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