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Footwear Dynamic Anti-slip Testing Machine
Footwear Dynamic Anti-slip Testing Machine

Footwear Dynamic Anti-slip Testing Machine

Product Model : SL-L82PS
Used for the dynamic anti-skid performance test of the whole shoe or sole
Detailed description

Footwear Dynamic anti-slip Testing Machine



Used for the dynamic anti-skid performance test of the whole shoe or sole



GB/T 3903.6-2017,GB/T 28287-2012,EN 13287-2012,ASTM F2913-2011(ASTM F1677-2005),SATRA TM 144,EN ISO 20345,GB 21148:2020,GB 20265:2019,QB/T 4549:2013,QB/T 4552-2020,QB/T 4553:2013,QB/T 4556:2013,QB/T 5300-2018,QB/T 5301-2018,QB/T 5412-2019,QB/T 5541-2020;



Apply the specified load through different media (stainless steel plate, ceramic tile or specified). Set the specified number and speed of friction. To measure the friction coefficient of the sole to determine the slip resistance of the shoe;

Test items:Forward heel slip

Backward forepart slip

Forward flat slip



1. Vertical pressure: 0~1000N;

2. Horizontal tension: 0~1000N;

3. Test speed: (0~0.3±0.03) m/s adjustable;

4. Stroke of movable plate: 0~200mm;

5. Static contact time: 0~5s;

6. Fixing device of shoe last: 0~30;

7. Vertical sensor: 1KN one (Japan NTS disc type);

8. Level sensor: 1KN two (Japan NTS disc type);

9. Accuracy: ±0.5%;

10. Vertical pressure control accuracy: ±1%;

11. Vertical pressure control time: 0 to set value, less than 0.2 seconds;

12. Planetary reducer: the reduction ratio is 1:15, and the operation is low noise;

13. Adopt precision linear guide rail;

14. Brake clutch: Taiwan R&D;

15. Transmission timing belt: South Korea Samsung;

16. Displacement sensor: Japan Rheinland precision 0.001mm;

17. Work table: 600*320mm (made of stainless steel);

18. Control motor: Japan Panasonic 750W servo motor;

19. Pressurization system: using Japanese SMC proportional valve control, computer setting, automatic pressurization;

20. Sample rack: made of aluminum alloy;

21. Control system + software: High-speed acquisition system and special test software developed by Hengyu Company, built-in test methods such as EN 13287, SATRM 144, ASTM F2913, GB/T3903.6, etc. can be called directly;

22. Force cylinder: SMC cylinder;

23. Protection device: leakage protection, pressure overload protection, air buffer stroke limit protection. Emergency stop switch protection;

24. Wedge angle gauge: 7° and 5°;

25. Compressed air: minimum 6 bar, with cleaning device after grinding (pneumatic spray gun);

26. The instrument is equipped with a foldable last quick-loading rack;

Size (length*width*height cm): 192*81*175;



Installation requirements:

1. Power supply: AC 220V 50Hz 1500W;

2. Environment: 23±2℃, 50%±5%;

3. Operation: landing;

4. Gas requirements: compressed air


Packing list

  • l 1 host;
  • l 1 pair of spring shoe lasts (40, 41, 42, 43, 44) for special foldable whole shoes (for installing the whole shoe or sole test sample);
  • l One foldable last quick-loading rack;
  • l EN 13287 mechanical prosthetic feet (4 pcs/set, for shoe size installation under 250);
  • l 5 degree, 7 degree wedge angle block (for shoe angle setting);
  • l 1 piece of EN 13287 standard rubber block (used for tile and instrument calibration);
  • l 1 standard glue test stand (used for tile and instrument calibration);
  • l 1 sole grinding block;
  • l Grinding and purging device (pneumatic spray gun);
  • l P400 silicon carbide sandpaper 1 pack (50 sheets);
  • l 2 GB/T 3903.6:2017 standard glass plates;
  • l 1sets of EN 13287 standard ceramic tiles (grey bricks produced in the UK, SRA standard pavement medium);
  • l 1 piece of EN 13287 stainless steel test steel plate (SRB standard pavement medium);
  • l3 standard tiles (British red brick, SATRA TM 144, ASTM F2913 pavement medium);
  • l SATRA TM 144, ASTM F2913 1 pcs (5, 7) for the installation angle block of the veneer for shoes;
  • l 2 bottles of sodium lauryl sulfate (prepared for SRA tile test on wet and slippery roads);
  • l 1 bottle of standard glycerin aqueous solution, 2 bottles of ordinary glycerin (prepared for SRB stainless steel plate test on wet and slippery roads);
  • l 1 roll of imported super glue (strong adhesive force, the glue will not stick after tearing off, used for standard glue, shoe sole, sky skin, etc.);
  • l 1 roughness tester (to detect the roughness of tiles and stainless steel plates);
  • l One silent air compressor;
  • l One computer and one printer;
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