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Light discoloration (UV) tester
Light discoloration (UV) tester

SL-L10 Light Discoloration (UV) Tester

Product Model : SL-L10
To measure the resistance to UV light of soling and upper material.
Detailed description

Light Discoloration (UV) Tester

To measure the resistance to UV light of soling and upper material

Technical parameters

 The internal dimension of test chamber  50 x 50 x 60 cm
 Temperature control range  normal temperature ~ 200. C
 Control mode  automatic calculus controller
 Temperature display, 0.1. C.
 The control accuracy  ± 3. C
 Distribution precision  plus or minus 1% 1. C (at-100. C)
 Time memory  0-999 hours, blackouts, the memory type, including a buzzer
 Wheel speed  Dia. 45 cm, 10 r. P.M. ± 2 r. P.M
 UV light source  UV300W light bulb
 Standard spare parts  shed board 2 pieces
 Heating mode  hot air loops
 Safety protection  EGO over temperature indicator, safety overloaded power switch ammeter
 Material   internal SUS# 304 stainless steel plate, external senior finish
 External dimensions (L × W × H)  114 x 94 x 130 cm
 Power Supply  AC-220 V 50 60 Hz 20 A

Testing Standards 


What is the principle of the Light Discoloration (UV) Tester?
The principle of the Light Discoloration (UV) Tester is that it is equipped with sun lamps 

and heating devices to simulate the natural environment. Expose the sample for a 

certain time, check the color change on the surface of the sample and then understand 

the anti-yellowing ability of the sample under sunlight, which plays an important role in 

testing white and light-colored upper materials, sole materials, leather, and other materials.

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