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Shoes Flexing Tester
Shoes Flexing Tester
Shoes Flexing Tester
Shoes Flexing Tester

SL-L05 Shoes Flexing Tester

Product Model : SL-L05
It's used for determining the flexibility resistance and or indicating the cracks od shoe or shoe sole through reciprocating flexing movements under the specified angle and frequency.
Detailed description

Shoes Flexing Tester 

Product information

This testing machine evaluates the bending resistance and the degree of cracking after a long period of continuous reciprocating bending into shoes with a fixed frequency and a fixed angle. It is suitable for testing finished shoes such as sports shoes, work shoes and casual shoes.

Standards Compliant:

ISO 4643, 5423 SATRA TM92

The test sample installed in the test machine to a certain angle and frequency to promote the rear of the shoe bending, simulation of human footwear walking state of the test, the determination of shoes fatigue resistance and service life.

Technical parameters

 Bending angle and speed

 0~90°; 0~300 cpm;

 Number of test pieces

4 pcs
 Maximum specimen width
150 mm
 The maximum length of the test piece
150~400 mm
 Counter  6-digit LCD digital display
 1ø, 220V, 50/60Hz, 2.8A

 Volume (WxDxH)

About 100x80x72cm


 About 236 kg
What is Satra testing?
SATRA is an independent research and testing organisation established in the UK in 1919. ... SATRA has its own chemicals analysis laboratory for testing restricted substances in accordance with UK and European REACH, and US chemicals regulations for which it is CPSC-accredited.

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