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About the safety of eyeglass

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and a good pair of eyes can reveal a lot of beauty. Nearsighted people can also see the big beautiful world by wearing eyes, but wearing contact lenses for long periods of time neither relaxes your eyes nor causes a series of eye complications. That's when you'll need a pair of glasses.


But people in the outdoors may inevitably happen some strenuous sports, to ensure the durability of glasses resistance is important.


Mr. Zeng, who loves sports, is nearsighted and usually likes to play basketball and soccer. When sports, wearing frame glasses, run and jump easily loose, fall, a year in the process of sports broke three pairs of glasses. This makes Mr. Zeng particularly annoyed.


Why is it so easy to break glasses? Whether the eyewear manufacturer's eyewear production is up to standard is a problem. The production standard of eyeglasses is lowered without taking into account the various factors that may damage them when producing them. Spectacle frames are not tested properly. Spectacle frames testing equipment can solve these problems.


It's wonderful to see the world with safe and stable glasses, to see all kinds of beautiful scenery, and to be able to be stable without loosening or falling down when you exercise.

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