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Akron Abrasion Tester
Akron Abrasion Tester

SL-L07 Akron Rubber Abrasion Tester

Product Model : SL-L07
This tester is designed to use together with a special balance for testing the abrasive consumption for the rubber products such as sole.
Detailed description

Akron Rubber Abrasion Tester


AKRON Rubber Abrasion Tester (Akron Abrasion Tester, ARKON Type Abrasion Tester) is used for abrasion test of rubber, PU, EVA and other materials. The grinding wheel is loaded with a fixed load and forms a certain inclination angle (usually 15°) with the test piece.

Techncial Parameters

Grinding wheel


Wheel size

150 Ø x 38 mm(5.9Øx1.5inch)


 2LB, 6LB each
 Test piece speed   250±5rpm or 85±5rpm
 Machine size   65×45×45cm
 Weight  45kg

Testing Standards

GB/T 1689, CNS 734, JIS K 6264 & BS903-A

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